6 meters LED single arm bracket lights


The Pole Technical Parameters:

1.The lighting pole is made of high-quality Q235 steel plate, which is rolled into a conical pole by a large bending machine.

2.The height of the pole is 6 meters with the lower diameter φ140mm, the upper diameter φ60mm, the wall thickness 2.5mm.

3.The thickness of the flange plate is 10mm with 260*260mm square.

The Process Of Production:

1.Both the pole and the flange are welded internally and externally at the bottom of the pole, and formed at one time.

2.The flange material is provided by Baogang A3 plate.

3.Four reinforcing ribs are welded between the flange and the lighting pole at the bottom.

4.The whole pole is hot-dip galvanized, and the outer surface of the pole is processed by using high temperature electrostatic spray. In that way the surface is smooth and does not fade over the time.

5.The thickness of the galvanized layer is ≥85μm, and the thickness of the plastic layer is ≥85μm.

The LED Light Source Specifications:

1.Driven by constant current, the LED lamp fitting is made of high-purity aluminum die-casting, and the heat sink is made of high-purity aluminum. The surface of the fitting is electrostatically sprayed.

2.The LED light source power: 30W.

3.The light source color rendering index: Ra>75;

4.color temperature: ≥4000K.

5.The whole lamp efficiency:>165Lm/W.

6.Service life ≥30000h,

7.Color temperature: 5500-6500K.

8.The lamp protection grade: ≥IP65.

9.The light source attenuation is less than 2%, stable performance.


highway、 block、 garden、 residential area

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