LED High Mast Light for Stadium Square Depot Lighting

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Model: LDGG-15301


Light source: LED/ Induction lamp/ Sodium lamp

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High mast pole series of large area lighting is the most widely used and most effective form of light source configuration, mainly applicable to ports, airports, high ways,city square, multi-layer of interchanges, major sport venues and other needs of large area concentration lighting place, is functional lighting products. The main rod is made of high quality steel sheet. The top head has different style including sub-frame, enclosed, ball, frying saucer-type, landscape type,and so on. The pole is more than 25 meters high, light source is intense, illumination is wide, visible condition can be similar in the day time. Illumination, brightness, and uniformity is high.

Technical note:

1, the foundation for the reinforced concrete structure; According to the specification for design

of building foundation GBJ7-89 standard design, etc.

2, this foundation is suitable for the foundation strength value > 70 kpa and the maximum wind

power is not more than 11 level;

3, the foundation pad for the 150 mm thick C15 concrete, steel protective layer thickness of 40

mm, strength grade of concrete is C20;

4, two ground wire-a fadthatΦ 18 and anchor bolt should be welded, grounding resistance

should be less than 10 Ω;

5, wooden foundation embedment depth of 2.5 M, at the top of the base should be higher than

that of backfill soil surface is 100 mm;

6, this drawing is not detailed reference to the relevant provisions of the state standards.

7, in this foundation to the local urban construction department approval, can the construction.

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