1500W LED floodlights

After nearly six months of hard work by the Technical Department, Tianxu Lighting Group, a supplier of solar street lights, LED street lights, landscape lights and traffic lights, has successfully developed a high-efficiency, low-maintenance, durable 1500W LED floodlights.

The production of high mast lights has always been the dominant product of Tianxu Lighting Group. It has been widely used in airports, ports, city squares and other large occasions. At present, the 1500W LED flood lights have been highly praised by users since it was put on the market. In the future, the Tianxu Lighting Group Co.,Ltd will continue to innovate in outdoor lighting to meet the needs of users.

1500W LED floodlights-1
1500W LED floodlights-2
1500W LED floodlights-3

Post time: Oct-17-2022