Setting steps of solar street light control


1. First, connect the lines of each component well, pay attention to checking whether there is a reverse connection to prevent short circuit, and after the inspection is correct, put the solar street light controller power on.

2. Press and hold the program setting button, the digital tube is lit at this time, and then let go.

3. Briefly press and hold the button again, the digital tube will display the current setting parameters in a loop. At this time, you should refer to the setting table on the manual to select the function you need to set.

4. Press and hold the button for three seconds, the single digit of the digital tube starts to flash.

5. Short press the button to set the single digit value, refer to the digital tube value function diagram, and set the function you need.

6. Wait for three seconds, if the single digit no longer flashes, it means the setting has been successful.

7. Follow the above steps to complete all other settings.

Post time: May-27-2022