Solar street lights led by environmental protection have received enthusiasm

Solar street lights are not only developing rapidly in my country, but also popular all over the world, and foreign pilots test solar street lights.

Now every night, 200 years of new solar street lights will pass the transparency of 5.4 kilometers of Muyan Road in the North Commercial Town of Shunyi District, Beijing. 648 lights and solar street lights in the North Commercial Town completely solve the villagers’ traffic at night.

The new use of solar panels to collect sunlight and solar street lights, through the corresponding equipment converted into electrical energy, according to the supply of electrical energy for lighting. Save money and invest in solar street lights, eliminate heavy workloads such as wires, save electricity, and kill two birds with one stone. Nowadays, the villagers and friends of the seven villages that Muyan professionally serves to solve the problem of convenient transportation at night, and the strengthening of a convenient and fast road transportation is also a promotion of local economic development.

The company follows the “customer first, forge ahead” business philosophy, adhere to the “customer” principle, and provide our customers with quality services. Constantly establishing and optimizing the sales team to strengthen customer service, closer to the needs of users to make our sincere service. Many countries have not yet equipped our country’s street lights, so it is dark at night, causing inconvenience to people. Street lights are not due to equipment. However, the cost of electrical equipment and maintenance is very high.

Next, the northern towns will put in services similar to the construction of solar street lights and other energy-saving and environmental protection projects, and further promote the construction of energy-saving new rural areas throughout the town.

The public works department and housing recently said that Jordan, the main action using alternative energy sources, Jordan will soon use solar street lights. According to Sami Halasa, Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council, Jordan’s public works and housing must learn from the experience of European countries to use solar street lights. Now the first street lighting will cost 8 million U.S. dollars each year, and the new plan will save millions of Jordan First Financial. Solar street lights will be piloted for the first time in the capital city and Hashemiyeh Balama Street, in the future in China.

But now there are street lights that are completely suitable for rural areas above the constraints, disposable equipment solar street lights, it will take a long time to benefit from the simple equipment, completely on solar energy, so there is no electricity, the long service life of LED accessories, etc., high quality, will not happen The maintenance cost is high, and the equipment conditions are very suitable, but the skills are mature, and the ordinary street lights will be replaced in the future, all over the country.


Post time: Sep-29-2021